Business Package

JPSE Media Limited has listened to feedback from our website enquiries. Businesses that are looking for their first website, or have been bamboozled by ‘Free’ website offers and realised they are not what they seem, can benefit from up to 60% off our normal rates.

Business-Start-Up-Package-JPSE MediaWe will give companies a cost effective way to get a successful website online, from design and build to marketing the site. If you want to give the internet a proper shot, trust us to put your business in the right place at a very low set up cost and tailored monthly maintenance costs that will not break the bank. Click here to see our article on how ‘free’ web site deals generally don’t work.

We will get your web site design and marketing set up correctly. This means making sure all the tools are in place to give yourself a fair chance, we will do the search engine optimisation (the SEO) and we will create back links

We will verify and/or register your company on the biggest directories that are relevant for YOUR Business and we will give you a Social Network presence to work with. We will then create a package for you to maintain this so you can be left to run your business. Fill in your details below and add some details about what your business needs are and we will call you back, alternatively you can call us on 0845 519 7929 .

We were a brand new business ourselves once and we know how making the use of every little advantage is important. We have a lot of valued customers/clients now that were disillusioned in the internet that now are reaping the rewards and they will all give us a reference if you wish to get their details, just ask us.

Here is a run down on the minimum you will get with the Business Startup Package:

  • A website designed how you want it
  • A domain name that is suitable for your business
  • Email accounts set up
  • Search engine optimisation of the site
  • Submissions to the search engines (including Google, Bing, Yahoo, ASK, Alta Vista and AOL)
  • Set up on Facebook, Twitter and other social media
  • Registrations and verification on relevant online directories
  • Content management system

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