JPSE Media Limited has been praised once again in the School Web Site fraternity after it succeeded where most other Wigan School Web Site companies failed.

During the unexpected snowfall, traffic to school web sites went through the roof as parents and staff tried to get up to date information about whether their primary or high school was going to be open.

Once again we excelled ourselves in keeping our web sites online, plus with our integrated social media set up, information was sent around quicker than ever before.

Marus Bridge Primary School in Wigan asked parents via the web site and twitter to pick up their children at 1.15 p.m. on one day and by 1.30 p.m. all but 2 pupil’s parents/guardians got the message and picked up their children. By 2.15 p.m. the school was clear; not many other Wigan school’s can boast that stat.

On another day after high snowfall overnight, we received 10 times the normal traffic during the morning. But whilst other school web sites slowed down to snail’s pace or crashed completely, JPSE Media’s servers stood up and were counted and delivering 100% up time with no drop in site speeds.

If you are a governor or a staff member at a School and you feel your web site could be doing more for your school’s image, deliver better information quicker, be OFSTED approved and easier to use for ALL teachers, call or email JPSE Media for a no obligation meeting.