Google have at last started to raise the bar with their business pages. Gone are the half cocked efforts that really were just a second thought, they are now a fully integrated piece of the online marketing strategy.

Facebook has long had the business pages market cornered in the UK, having a well set up stall is part and parcel of everyday business now. But with Google’s grunt and serious investment in its social media side, we now have a bone fide competitor to Facebook’s domination.

Let’s face it, with the search engine giant already catering for nearly 70% of searches, it is just a natural progression for them to take the business sector to the next level. There are now over a dozen avenues for Businesses to get their teeth in to with Google, and doing so will give them a massive advantage over their competitors.

Online-Markting-GraphicboTo put things bluntly, we at JPSE Media have been banging this drum for quite some time and looking at our clients positioning on the search engines (Google in particular) it shows that we keep ourselves and our clients ahead of the game. We are very proactive, not reactive like most in our industry.

Internet marketing could not be more exciting at the moment, massive changes have been made to Google searches with the Panda and Penguin updates, gone are the days where some nicely chosen keywords in your website and referral links from obscure platforms forced the best performances.

To gain top positions on the search engines now takes a structured strategy and an ongoing monitoring process to keep ahead of the game. Google plus business pages are just the latest in the giant’s quest to make sure that businesses that make the effort get the results and we applaud them for it.

If you are not getting the most out of the search engines or the internet in general, give us a call or fill in a contact form request and we will call you back for a free chat about whether we can be a good business partner for you. That is what we are about, creating partnerships and long term business relationships, this is why a lot of our new business comes from referrals, our customer service is second to none.

Remember, if you are happy with your current website and host, you don’t need to move, we will quite happily work to get your company’s profile maximised whether the website is ours or an existing one.