We all know that sites that are on the internet generate more sales than those that are not on it, but it is also a fact that if you are just relying on your website to do all the work, you are in for a shock.

As Cyber Monday has been and gone, the aftermath is just becoming apparent. It has become the biggest online shopping day of the year and this year exceeded expectations with an estimated £10,000 being spent online every second, an increase of 30% on last year.

Argos went past their 300,000 expectation of despatches by 60,000 and M&S has recruited an extra 800 workers at its distribution centres to cover the overwhelming success of their sales.

UK online retail records were smashed last Monday with shoppers being 32% more active, generating 112m visits to retail websites and the most successful ones weren’t just the big players. Many companies have embraced the many routes to get to their customers and saw increased success on Monday and in the year.

Having yourself seen on the internet is not as easy as building a web site or having a company do one for you, there is a lot of work that needs to be done to make YOUR site be seen before your competitors.

JPSE Media have been one of the more successful companies this year at getting their clients seen first, saving them time and increasing profits. We have seen a massive increase in Web Site builds this year but we still are predominantly a marketing company.

Do you have a web site that doesn’t seem to be performing to its full potential? Why not let us have a look at how it can be improved; we work closely with many web development companies as well as providing a low cost solution for new designs and web site builds.

We have always practised a fair price policy here, because we want your company to succeed first and foremost. Your phone call or email will only be the first step to realising how much more you can achieve when things are done right.

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