JPSE Media has one aim, to help businesses large or small get the very best websites, online marketing, specialist advice, guidance and consultancy.

Paper, Radio, TV and mainstream advertising media are taking more and more of a backseat, as the internet, business websites and even personal websites grow to be a bigger part of everybody’s lives.

JPSE Media Limited has vast experience in designing, building and more importantly marketing web sites.

We keep up to date with new technologies, internet marketing techniques and advertising methods, that we can provide an ongoing support for our clients.

The Internet is by far the most economical use of business advertising budgets, if simple rules are followed.

We are good at what we do because we do the simple things properly and follow the guidelines of Google, MSN and the other search engines.

We have a true understanding into how websites work and should perform, we know how search engines (like Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo etc.) look for web sites, especially in your local area and we can use that knowledge to enable your business or service to receive the maximum exposure to its marketplace.

We utilise all aspects of the internet, not like “SEO experts” who concentrate on just getting a few keywords into your web site and hoping for the best.

You will have had plenty of companies telling you how important ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ is and it IS important, but only when done properly and in conjunction with many other off site practices.

We go deeper and look at the other areas that the vast majority of UK businesses don’t ‘sell themselves’, use Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Pinterest.

They provide a social networking base, but they need to be set up and used correctly. Online Directories, back links, page Indexing, submissions and many other traffic boosting techniques are just some of the methods we use to get the best results.

We will even let you take a hands off role, as we have a content writing service which keeps all your visitors updates with your latest news and we will share all of it on the social media. We give you as much or as little control as you want, with no ties.

We attack every online area to give YOUR Company the best chance of thriving online, please view the area of the site that interests you and then contact us for further information.