Too many times now we are coming across companies that are saying ‘The Internet doesn’t work’ and ‘I had a web site and I got absolutely nothing from it’.

We already knew the reason why, but we went and did a little bit of research anyway and almost every time we heard the above statements, it was because of them taking what they thought was a cheap option. Some of he other times were because they use a web design company that did’t do or imply it did web site marketing (see the bottom of the article if this applies to you).

Names like Vistaprint, 1&1 Web sites, BT Web Starter, Homestead, Yola and even Yell, there are loads to choose from, but not one of them has any company at the top of the search engines for free, the costs are there.

There is your time it takes to build the site (for me personally is the biggest cost as you should be running a business not trying to design a web site), no matter how simple the steps are, most business owners are not web designers and don’t know what makes a ‘good’ website. Yes they may give tutorials, but this again eats at your time and 99 times out of 100 it will not be done right.

They give SEO or search engine optimisation guidelines (usually this is where the cost starts/increases), that have been stuck there for 1,2 or more years and therefore haven’t given an insight as to the new Penguin and Panda updates Google alone has released, never mind the other search engines and so is mostly out of date.

They don’t mention the need for being registered on online directories like Bing, Google, Yahoo and some other big players, the need for ‘back links’, how to create ‘Page Indexing’ and of course how to integrate and use the Social Networking media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and even LinkedIn.

After the free period, the costs start to rise, you either have THEIR advertising on YOUR web site or you start to pay a monthly fee. That monthly fee will be for YOU to manage your own web site, YOU to update it (if you realise it needs updating) and for YOU to keep the SEO fresh and resubmit the site when it is needed.

These companies are in a total win/win situation, they have you hooked and paying £20 – £75 per month for YOU to do all the work, it is a genius model with an unfortunate two fold drawback:

  1. It in the most part doesn’t work; it takes a little bit of knowledge in the internet or online marketing industry to have a web site that will work for you.
  2. Because of point 1, these businesses then feel the internet isn’t for them, give it up and miss out on what is actually the most economical way of marketing your business there is.

This is why we have developed the business starter package, to give affordable solutions to very size and age of business. Cost is tailored to the needs of each business and so it would be unfair of us to put random costs on site.

If you already have a web site with a company and you like it, we don’t need to look at redesigning you a new one or making you move it to us, we can liaise with any Web Design Company to make it work for you on the internet.

If you do need a web site then we will tailor a low cost solution to cover what your needs are – We are doing this offer to get your Company to gain business on the internet.

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