Search Engine Optimisation has evolved so much over the years that it can make your head do somersaults trying to keep up with it, and that is when you do it as a full time job.

Back in the good old days, when only a couple of companies realised the importance of having the right content in your web site, it was easy to market businesses in all sorts of areas (both physical and market places). Times have changed though and to get on in the world of the internet you need to think outside of the box and more importantly outside of the company website.

Rather than rattle on about what should be done and what can be done, why not give us a call to go through what your business might need. We can give out advice over the phone and if it is something you find you don’t have the time or the inclination to do things yourself, we can give you a very cost effective alternative….

You might say that things are slow right now, but in fact MORE people are using the internet than ever to find what they want, if your company isn’t fighting for that business the only guarantee you have is that they won’t find YOU.

The economy might be slow right now, but you can find the positives out there because people are still spending, they are just looking online rather than in the High Street or the papers.  Being listed everywhere you can is more important than ever, having your business listed ahead of your competitors is a must to get a decent crack of the whip.

Google, Yahoo and Bing play a big part in peoples searching habits, but they are not the only places where future customers or clients are looking. Why pay large amounts of money for the likes of Yell or Pay per Click (PPC) when there are much cheaper (in some cases free) ways to the same job as they do?

Do you have a web site? It is not essential to have one to list high on Google and the other search engines, but I must stress you will find yourself lagging behind you competitors if don’t have one. If you do, is it up to scratch?

You might say that people looking on the internet are only looking for the cheapest deal, this is totally wrong, the VAST MAJORITY of people are looking for the best deal, not the one that is bargain basement. Rather than lowering prices try building up the value? Make yourself stand out from the rest of your peers, add a special offer with some ‘free’ item added in etc….

If you want to chat, or email about how you can get ahead, by being listed as high up the search engines as you can, by utilising directories and social network tools or having a sound board for some ideas you may have, give JPSE Media a try, we only charge for work we carry out.