To most, Penguins and Pandas are a cute bird from the Antarctic and the latter a big bear that eats bamboo shoots.

In the world of Google and Search Engine Optimisation SEO) though, they are possibly the most important occurrences on the internet that have shaped the way for better results and less spammers.

The days where you could throw some keywords into a web site and have it come up for all manner of things are long gone, the search engines, spearheaded by Google, want their users to find exactly what they want when they are searching.

Earning the right to be on the top or first pages of the search engines now requires an ethical approach to optimising your web site. JPSE Media have always believed in this even before these updates and our clients reap the benefits of this now.

But it isn’t too late, less than 1% of UK businesses have done anything about it, many companies are being found by accident and they will realise this as their competitors start realise what they need to do.

We won’t charge you anything to have a chat, but we could be the best call or email you will ever make. We don’t send out millions of emails to tout business, most find us and then recommend us.