I have been informed that one of the school web sites that JPSE Media Limited have developed has been an integral part for them receiving an ‘OUSTANDING’ grade in their OFSTED Inspection.

Marus Bridge Primary School in Wigan, Lancashire were said to have a very forward thinking Web Site Company that has gone above and beyond in making the school more accessible to the parents.

The web site covers every area and more that is expected, including and events calendar, Passworded Governors area, Each Class having their own information area for parents to look in on what their child is doing, easy navigation, clear and concise, excellent back up and support, good communication, explanation of school times and closures, Latest news facilities, utilisation of social media in particular Twitter to get messages out quickly……. the list goes on and on.

We are proud at JPSE Media to be able to give excellent web site service to schools that won’t break their budgets. What most other web design companies seem to do, is give the basics for a premium. We will not compromise children’s education in this way and so we give as much as we can for as little as possible.

If you think that your children’s school website is looking a bit dated, or you can’t find the information you want on there, pass on our details and we will see if we can change that.

Well done Marus Bridge Primary School on such magnificent improvements, we are happy we could help in a small way…