With more and more smart phones, tablets and mobile devices accessing the internet every day, it is worth looking at how your company or business website looks to these users.

Many customers are being missed because of web sites that are not configured correctly for mobiles. If your marketing flagship isn’t being correctly displayed on an iPad, iPhone or an android version, then get your web site designer to make the changes to facilitate the massive marketplace you are missing out on.

At JPSE Media we always think ahead of the game and we are constantly monitoring the latest innovations and changes on the internet, so our clients are very rarely caught out when it comes to marketing correctly.

You don’t even need to have a web site with us; we have many fantastic relationships with web site design companies and work hand in hand with them to correct their client’s sites.

Some websites can be adapted for mobile by just taking out excessive imagery that looks fine on a PC, Mac or laptop. We have to make sure that all your content is visible in the easiest possible format. Sometimes it means designing a separate site just for mobile devices, most of the time we can just adapt your present site.

Contact us to get a free review of your site and online marketing activity, every one of our clients benefit from out foresight, rather than the industry normal reaction marketing process. We are proud to be the company that is in front.