All the reports are showing that Britain was gripped by Sale Mania over the Christmas period, with record amounts of money being spent in the shortest amount of time.

This is also the case across the board as a mini boom was seen in most areas of business, used car and van sales, cosmetic surgeons, garages, plumbers, builders, roofers, window fitters, tyre fitters all reported a better than expected week.

The news seems to painting a picture of doom and gloom where record levels of unemployment and the threat of a double dip lume large. The facts see that those companies that have a better online presence are not feeling it anywhere near as bad as those that haven’t.

More people are looking online for their products and services than ever before, whether that be buying over the internet or if it is just to compare and research the best deals. Why wouldn’t they?

Here at JPSE Media we have been banging on about getting the simple things right first; give your company the best chance by having all the options on the internet opened up, it is not just having a web site but having that web site found by as many eyes as is possible.

We have solution, very cost effective solutions for those that are a whizz on the computer and also for the technophobe, we are only a phone call or email away. Once we have set you up we unleash a whole new world of free online advertising for you, whether that is on Google, yahoo, Bing or the other major search engines or on the hundreds of online directories and social networks.

The battle field has been moving for years now and it is firmly established in the Ethernet, the longer it takes businesses to realise they need to be there, the harder it will be for them to make an impact. Remember that over 70% of searches are ‘Local Searches’, does your company get found when doing a local search like ‘plumbers in Wigan’????

If they don’t the you are missing out, give us a call and we can deliver you results. See our feedback on the various review sites for the services we provide.