It has been a busy old November at JPSE Media, so apologies for not adding any news for the month. It was another successful time with sixteen more businesses coming on board with us to market their company’s details, services and products.
Success is only measured by response and we have received information back now that we have already made headway for these businesses already, two companies jumped on to page one of Google within a week.
Robbie the Window Doctor and Shawn’s Autos had previously had SEO companies promising things for them in the past, but with JPSE they now have results.
Many of the other companies are reaping the rewards of all the ‘back links’ we create, this is because we source the relevant back links for each company, not blanket cover everywhere hoping to get a hit.
Social Networking is still growing month on month and with the help we provide, our clients are using the facilities in the correct manner and starting to see regular business coming in from it.
The JPSE Media ‘Business Network Linking’ page will be updated very soon, please go on there and add as many as is possible to your Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and any other networks you are a part of. Remember the more people you link up to, means the more will link to you and therefore more people your messages will be put in front of.
If you have not spoken to us yet about your marketing your business on the internet, then get in touch with us. Most of the online products we set you up with will allow you many years of free online marketing and advertising, you just have to be shown how.

That’s all for now, I will endeavour to write a lot more this month to keep you all in touch.