JPSE Media loves letting their clients know what is going on with their websites, so much so we have finally integrated an update system to keep them informed as often as we can.

We hope to send out at least two emailed updates a month for our website customers and at least one for our marketing customers.

They are split up as websites need constantly updating and so we will now be able to inform our website customers that their sites have been checked and are functioning normally.

Our Marketing customers generally include all of the website customers as well, we will inform each one that we have looked at the stats and made sure that they are up to date with the latest updates and new algorithm releases.

For those that have the extra ‘Content Writing’, ‘Pay per Click’, ‘Online Advertising’ or ‘Consultancy’ packages, we will be in more regular contact via email, meetings and phone anyway.

We will also start to send out a general email on a regular basis to everybody that has signed up to our newsletter, to hopefully give more information and advice. If you haven’t signed up already, the form is at the bottom of the JPSE Media Website.