There has been a sudden surge in businesses receiving a ‘Mailbox Full’ or ‘Mailbox at 85%’, mostly with a link to some website that will ‘fix’ it for you.

Like with all SPAM and Virus ridden emails, they want you to click links to fix things. Unscrupulous companies and individuals want that access to your computer, or your money to pay for the non-existent fix.

JPSE Media would not send an email that would have a link to anything resembling a fix-it page, and certainly wouldn’t ask you to pay by card via a portal.

Always remember, with all scams the control lies with the person reading the email. The advise is the same whether it is a Nigerian Banker looking for an account to move his millions to, your bank asking you for your PIN number, EBay saying your order cancelled or an email saying it from your host and your mailbox is about to blow up.

The facts are, you know who your hosts are and can very easily send off an email to check whether this is legitimate, better still call them. It could save you a lot of heartache and money in the long run.

If your mailbox is full, a message will be sent to anyone trying to send the email and they would be able to notify you. If you are receiving emails and you are sent a ‘Mailbox Full’ Email, it quite obviously a scam as you wouldn’t receive any email if it were full.

Like with all emails from people you don’t know, treat them as though they are suspicious, check the details of the content and delete them if they don’t add up.

If in doubt ask your website design company, your hosting company or your email solutions company. Most of the time it will be the same company that does all of those, just like us at JPSE Media in Wigan.

Remember the golden rule with entering card or bank details, never follow links in emails, if it is something a company knows about, just go to their website to pay for it. Or call them to see if it is legitimate.

If you are a Customer of JPSE Media and are unsure about an email, please call the office on 0845 519 7929, email us on or contact your rep directly, we will be happy to help.

As always, remain safe and NEVER give out details you suspect could be used in fraud.