There was a day when marketing meant drafting an advert to push their products and services on to customers, then throwing it in the paper and letting it run for weeks, these days are long.

Consumers now ‘Pull’ in product information through search engines, social media and other channels. Over half of your customers are better informed about products than the store assistants selling those very same items.

Adecco have made an info-graphic (which I have published below) with some stats on the “push-to-pull” shift that has been happening, from the change in media consumed, to new shopping habits. It shows the growing importance of social media and how the marketing job market is playing catch-up.

Most companies that are not present on the net will certainly feel how left out they are, and that is not just from having a ‘good’ website. JPSE Media are experts at not only designing and maintaining websites, but are fully versed in making that website interact with search engines, social media and other channels.

You will notice how i word that, yes we organise websites so they publish your content on the search engines, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and a whole host of other avenues, at the click of a button. This saves time and means that online marketing can be done in house or placed into the hands of content writers (of which JPSE Media and our partners have some of the best in the UK).

Why get left behind? Call or email us, we will prove to you haw cost effective and important a ‘good’ internet marketing package can be.