Wix (the FREE website people) have just sent me a half price offer in an email, oh the irony of an FREE website company send a true developer an email on how to ‘do’ websites.

Anyway back to the email, I thought they said they did free websites???? Just like 1&1, Hibu etc…. Oh yes, with all their advertising and with the owner doing all the work… I remember now.

Yes to get rid of the adverts, to use your own domain name, to have extras on the site to actually make it work and heaven forbid for someone to actually see the website, it costs money with these FREE website providers.

The costs can vary dramatically, from £19+Vat a month for just having ads removed to £90+Vat a month once they have you hooked and get you to add some basic elements to YOUR website, and all this time you are using YOUR time to build the thing.

Don’t even go near asking for the site to be optimised, or to be found, you might not like what you hear.

As you can tell, we at JPSE Media limited don’t have much time for Wix, Yell, Hibu, 1&1, BT etc… we are usually the ones to clear up the mess afterwards.

There is no such thing as a free website, but just because these so called FREE website companies are doing half price stuff, doesn’t mean that it is value for money, JPSE Media give great value for their services, we don’t need sales, we are always competitive.

So if you want a website built for you, give us a call. If you want it to be optimised, updated, registered, verified, optimised and have continual hands on management of it, contact us…. In the long run we will be cheaper and more successful than using any of the ‘FREE’ alternatives.