As of yesterday, Google have rolled out the latest version of their Panda series of algorithmic updates. Panda 4.0 is set to eliminate more spamming and black SEO websites, so we have gone through all of our clients websites to make sure they shouldn’t be effected.

Google has a new challenge on their hands, coming from an old favourite. Bing have realised that merging with Yahoo was a bad idea and have got out to go it alone again.

To be fair to them, in tests they actually come out on top in the UK for most relevant searches per query, but they have a lot of headway to make if they are to put a dent into Google’s dominance in the marketplace.

I won’t go into massive detail, so if you want to see the results and even take the challenge yourself, follow this link. It basically strips the ads, fancy stuff and logos from the Google and Bing search results and puts them side by side so you can choose which you prefer if any, give it a go you might be surprised.

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