Globally, the Facebook machine has announced that it has burst through the 3 million mark for businesses actively advertising. That is a lot and although they don’t break it down into how many in each country, they have said that nearly a million of them are in the USA.

Do you have a Facebook account an if so is your business benefitting?

Remember this number is basically for those that have created a business page, so 3 million is a pretty big jump from the 2 million milestone a year ago…. and in September 2015 it was at 2.5 million.

facebook_logoJPSE Media have helped small, medium and large businesses reap the benefits of having a Facebook presence and marketing strategy.

Most have flown on their own once we have set up and trained them, but we still provide writing and marketing services for those that really don’t ‘get it’ or don’t have the time.

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