Google don’t half pick their names don’t they. First there was Panda, then they ppppicked Penguin and now they have flew in with their latest project, Hummingbird.

The heads at Google reckon that the release of Hummingbird will effect on over 90% of the searches in the world or more importantly on how Google searches for relevance.

JPSE Media have always banged on about having regular relevant content published on websites and this latest algorithm search enhancement is why. It works with both Panda and Penguin, but keeps a look out for websites that not only publish content, but also scrutinise it now and grade it.

It was only a matter of time; the signs have been there for quite a while. Do you publish any information about your business or what the latest information is about your company? Not many do, but of those that happen to post a few blogs or news stories, they are going to be the winners.

If you don’t have time, do you have content writers that will do it for you; do you post them on social media or invite your database of email newsletter subscribers to view and comment on them?

It might sound like a foreign language, but that is why JPSE Media have helped more businesses find their way with internet marketing, than any other web development company.

This week Penguin 2.1 was rolled out, so we will be back to inform you about the repercussions of this release very soon. One thing is for sure!! Our client’s websites will be more than conforming to it.

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