Since the middle of February there have been many changes to the way Search Engines, Social Media and Online Directories sift through ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ online content for businesses.

Google have seen a complete overhaul of their direction requesting that businesses should ‘look after’ their own online information, rather than they try to populate through looking at Company Websites and other directory listings that have already done the same thing.

Facebook has not only given itself a facelift, but it has also nearly stopped the amount of Businesses setting up personal profiles. For those that still exist, they will see less and less of their posts appearing on people’s timelines and none appearing on search results (both internally on Facebook and outside via Google and the search engines).

Best practise is about to be realised in the sense that businesses use the purposely set up business pages and business management centres for maximum exposure on their network. It isn’t just about the SEO optimisation and website anymore, to come out on top on the internet you need to do things by the Social Media and Search Engines’ rules to succeed.

The online Directories have seen the full merging of Yelp and Qype, which is quite significant in that there is now a beast that has been created for reviews and information. In the USA most people wouldn’t think of using a product or service without first reading reviews and what happens in America usually implements itself here.

This is just touching the base of the iceberg when it comes to the work put in by JPSE Media Limited over the last 6 weeks or so, but at least our clients can rest assured that their online presence is the best it can be and also conforms to all the new (and old) criteria which has been set out.

If you feel your business is being left behind on the internet, contact us. We will give free advice and should you decide to work with us, our cost are the lowest in the marketplace.

Just like Wigan Athletic Winning the FA Cup in 2013, JPSE Media can help even the smallest of companies or budget be the best on the web.